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Teaching resources for nurses, midwives and doctors caring for patients with serious and life-threatening emergency conditions in health facilities in low resource settings.

Aims of this teaching resource

These educational teaching resources (in the form of E-libraries) have been compiled, and regularly updated, by MCAI (Maternal and Childhealth Advocacy International) an international medical charity based in Scotland, currently working in Liberia where human and other health-care resources are extremely limited.

There is a massive, and in many ways an over-whelming, amount of medical education materials available world-wide: videos, PowerPoint presentations, articles published in peer reviewed medical journals, non-peer-reviewed material (some of which is harmful) and guidelines from United Nations organisations such as The World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and UNFPA.

In this educational teaching resource, categorised into three E-libraries, MCAI has made available for download, valuable and credible educational materials in the training of nurses, midwives and doctors in three areas: advanced paediatric care; neonatal intensive care; and advanced obstetric care. These resources are primarily of most use in low resource countries and those in which there is, or has been, armed conflict.

National Task Sharing Programme

This work is part of a National Task Sharing Programme in Liberia, supported by the Ministry of Health of Liberia and by WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, Irish Aid and the University of Edinburgh (The Global Health Academy and Global Nursing Initiative).

Who can benefit

Materials can be read on-line or downloaded for future study by selected and approved individual professionals or by “not-for-profit” organisations who can use the resources to help with the provision of high quality continuous medical nursing and midwifery education and Continuous Professional Development (CPD). 

These E-libraries are regularly updated with materials MCAI considers helpful in the clinical care of pregnant women and adolescent girls, newborn infants and children living in low resource settings and attending public health care facilities, particularly hospitals and clinics, and facilities providing emergency care to refugees or internally displaced persons.

Only individuals or organisations that are known to MCAI to provide healthcare free of charge can use these resources for educational purposes by password-based access to this E-library and be able to download any of the materials.  The E-library will be automatically free to access by trainees and trainers on the Liberian National Task Sharing Program. See below for how to access the E-libraries.

Three libraries available


For the provision of high quality continuing medical education and professional development.

Each E-library contains selected videos, books, peer-reviewed journal articles, PowerPoint presentations, and UN guidelines.
Newly published items will be added to the E-libraries categorised into 3-monthly updates.

Individuals or organisations wishing to add additional material to these E-libraries can contact the Honorary Medical Director of MCAI HERE with details of any such educational material.

How to access the E-libraries

Access and an ability to download items in these three E-libraries will need a Google account, and password belonging to individuals or organisations that MCAI has granted access to this E-library.  Direct editing of the individual contents is not possible.

With a secure Google shared folder, Google requires a Google account to access the shared E-library.
You can use any existing Google account that you currently own, or create a new Google account. This account can be set up using any existing email account (not just Gmail).
If you do not have a Google account you can create one HERE

Choose the required E-library:
1. Paediatrics
2. Obstetrics
3. Neonatal
Complete the form found at the bottom of the page, including your Gmail account details.
You will receive a password protected link once your details have been processed by the MCAI team.

(We are not affiliated with Google in any way)

Once you have access...

After receiving your email notification that you have been permitted access to your chosen E-library, you will need to navigate to the ‘shared with me’ area (on the left hand side of the screen).

The E-library will permanently reside here and be accessible to you at all times. 


E-library for emergency medical care for infants, children and adolescents


E-library for emergency medical care for pregnant women and adolescent girls


E-library for emergency medical care at birth and for neonates and infants

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